A closer look at the world of Labels

Let’s begin this informative tour with I. A. T. A. that stands for (International Air Transport Association). It is self explanatory that this regulatory body controls everything that flies from one place to another. While this function was stated in one sentence, it is actually a complex procedure, one that requires extreme caution and involves a lot of levels of security check. One of the things that plays an important role before an object is put aboard is the label. A label decides the fate of an object. It is what indicates the nature of contents as well as instructs as to how an object needs to be handled. Most importantly, it indicates whether or not a thing can be put on a flight or not, at all. This makes labels a very important part of the process that has I. A. T. A. at heart. At many labels, we create many such labels that come under a lot of categories.

As far as IATA is concerned, the most important category for labels would be the Dangerous goods regulations Labels. These are further categorised as Air Eligibility Markings and Class 1 Explosives. Some of the labels that come under it are – Non-flammable gas Class 2, Flammable gas and Flammable solid Class 4.

There is another important category – International Do Not Labels. These labels have to strictly adhere to the domestic and international regulation for processes like shipping, packaging, and products to mention just the important ones. These labels are – Do not stack, do not tilt, do not top load, do not use blade to open.

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